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Congleton Youth Orchestra's 2023 Open Day

During our 2023 Open Day, we welcomed new members to both our Senior and Intermediate orchestras. The Intermediates had a super turn out with the woodwind section tripling. It was great to see so many new faces, players and parents alike. The sound was huge! We hope you join us next week as CYO members.


Children wishing to begin lessons with us as trainees in September, also enjoyed trying out different instruments with Charlotte, Music Director and brass lead, Trustees and Tutors.


It was so lovely to see our Open Morning resurrected, seeing potential members having fun and sharing in music making.


If you have friends, family or classmates who might like to join CYO, but didn’t attend the Open Day today, please bring them along to a rehearsal. If they do not currently play, we are compiling our trainee list, to start lessons in September. Contact our Secretary Helen Chappel for details (contact details click here).

Open Day 2023
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