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August 2023 - News Letter

Love Music Trust Orchestral Weekend

The LMT are holding another Orchestral Weekend on 29th & 30th of September.  This was very successful last year, and they are hoping that musicians from other LMT ensembles and Cheshire East schools will join.  They have extended the invitation to musicians from Cheshire West ensembles this time making it even bigger and better.  All Seniors are expected to attend and CYO will again be paying the fee. Some intermediate members have also been invited; look out for an email.  To ensure your free place please make sure you click on the CYO section confirming that you are a member of CYO when registering  or you will be charged !

Full details of the Weekend can be found here.


David Daniel Award 2023

Many congratulations to the first recipients of the David Daniel Award.  

Seniors - Tom, French horn and Intermediates  - Joseph, Trombone.


This award will be made annually, the selection criteria being for the most improved musical ability during a full academic year from September to June with excellent attendance and commitment to CYO. The award will be in the form of a financial voucher which may be redeemed by the recipient towards upgrading their own instrument or for additional private instrumental music tuition. The Award is funded by a special grant made in the memory of David Daniel MBE by the Congleton Inclosure Trust.

Youth orchestra soloist receives standing ovation

Rob Moreton, the Congleton Town Mayor witnessed the performance, and stated: "“I recently had the honour of being invited to watch Congleton's Youth Orchestra in my role as Mayor alongside my wife and Mayoress Helen. We were totally amazed at the talent on show, the night was truly amazing,  I would urge anyone who has a child who can play a note to get them to join this amazing group of people. They will certainly prosper under the leadership of this amazing orchestra we can't wait to attend their Christmas performance in December”. 

Smartphone Video

July Concert Recording

We did send out information about the Concert being recorded this time and if you have mislaid the information you can order a copy from  The concert was amazing, and you should all be extremely proud of yourselves.

The recordings cost:  CD version  £12.50 and the USB version  £15.00.

Message from Charlotte

Thank you for a fantastic first full year as your MD! It has been a real joy to conduct you this year, and I’m looking forward to the concerts ahead.  Some of my highlights from the year were:


  • Finding out a way to squash two Harry Potter arrangements together to make a ‘Best of’ version at Christmas.

  • Nightmare Before Christmas, and how fun that was to play and conduct. 

  • War of the Worlds with Doug Parker’s voice over. 

  • The big cymbal crash in The Blue Danube (with resulting whoop and cheer from Seren’s family in the audience!).

  • Forgetting to give the Intermediates their cellos at the Easter Concert.

  • Guardians of the Galaxy with the ‘primal chanting’ - with varied levels of primal-ness!

  • This term’s concerto and pulling off such a tricky piece to a standing ovation, well deserved by Joshua. 

  • Conducting such a massive orchestra for Finlandia.


I can’t wait to make more fun musical memories with you all next term. Keep practising and don’t forget how to play your instruments over the summer. We need you ready and rearing to go in September for our Pop and Rock concert at Christmas!

Image by Behnam Norouzi

Reminder of Concert Dates

FRIDAY & SATURDAY 29 &30 September 2023  Love Music Trust Orchestral Weekend


SATURDAY  14 October 2023  Rehearsals will be at Wellspring Church, Canal Street on this  date

SUNDAY, 10th December 2023, Town Hall, Congleton  Concert and rehearsal times to be confirmed at beginning of next term

Saturday, 23rd March 2024, Town Hall, Congleton

Saturday, 6th July 2024,  Town Hall, Congleton

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